Ohio Art League X Space


X Space exterior

Ohio Art League X Space: A multidisciplinary project and programming space in partnership with Franklinton Arts District at 400 W. Rich St. Art Studios.

Ohio Art League is excited to partner with Franklinton Arts District by sharing a space at 400 W. Rich St. Art Studios. Ohio Art League’s original purpose of organizing artists with an objective of “mutual and public benefit” aligns with the mission of Franklinton Arts District of “fostering a vibrant arts community in historic Franklinton by providing bold and innovative opportunities to artists and art enthusiasts”. Ohio Art League, founded in 1909 by artists for the mutual benefit of artists is an innovative leader in Ohio for supporting artists during all stages of their careers. Through professional development, mentorship and advocacy, Ohio Art League connects artists to each other, community, and opportunities to create and grow. Ohio Art League sees vast potential in partnering with Franklinton Arts District to create opportunities for artists and to make arts happen together.


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